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Voice teacher in downtown Chicago

Sing with your voice in any style.

My teaching journey:

   After graduating with my Masters in Vocal Pedagogy & Performance at a renowned conservatory, I was prepared to teach at a very high level, but I was really only prepared to teach advanced students who wanted to sing music in the classical style.  It wasn’t until I had my first teaching position at a music school in New Jersey that I actually realized that the vast majority of first time voice students come in wanting to sing vastly different repertoire.    Immediately, I was besieged by very young and eager students who demanded to sing only the pieces that they wanted to sing.  Because I needed the job, I felt the pressure to adapt, and adapt I did!  After a short period of adjusting,  I quickly began to realize the many advantages that come with understanding how to teach healthy vocal principles in a way that extends into any musical style.  Through years of experimenting, learning, singing, and exposing myself to many different students (at all ages and levels); I became 100% confident that I not only teach better with a multi-genre approach, but that it actually works better for the singers as well.  There has not been one instance where experimenting in another vocal style has harmed, hurt, or prevented learning in a student’s journey.  It’s incredible to see how this play-based approach works; I’m so grateful to have worked with so many students who are out there singing beautifully in the world every day! 

My incredibly simple teaching philosophy: 


Throw out the book.  There are no rules.  Each student is an innately musical human being, who is different from anyone on earth; listen to them .   

If you’d like to discover more or inquire about my approach, request a time to connect with me here. *In-person sessions available in downtown Chicago & online from anywhere in the world*

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flexible, method-free approach
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