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Voice teacher in downtown Chicago

Sing with your voice in any style.

Miss DalMonte has been building healthy, unique voices since 2012.  She brings her trademark creativity and open-mindedness to each student with whom she works.  After studying with leading vocal pedagogues in her graduate program, Miss DalMonte went on to teach at Music University in Freehold, New Jersey, where she was an immensely popular teacher for all age groups.  After moving to New York in 2014, Miss DalMonte taught at the renowned community music school, Crestwood Music Education Center (Eastchester, NY), and in 2015 began teaching as the in-house voice teacher at Rye Country Day School.  Many of her high school aged students, both vocal and piano, went on to excel in their high school choral programs, secure leading roles in musicals in their school programs, and majored in music in college.  It was after her move to San Diego that Miss DalMonte built her own studio outside of any overarching institution.  As an independent teacher, she helped many students, both in private and public schools, to achieve their musical goals.  Her students have won NATS competitions, placed highly in honor choir, and have been featured in numerous performances both in school and amateur productions.  Now based in downtown Chicago, Miss DalMonte continues to guide students in the direction of their dreams.  She routinely offers sage college advice, works as a team with parents and students,  provides an  excellent musical foundation, and most importantly--helps their young voices to become healthy and flexible as they move throughout their desired life paths.  

Although Miss DalMonte has a self-described "soft-spot" for working with high school and college-aged singers, her other passion is working with adult professional and pre-professional singers who sing in multiple musical genres.  A large quantity of her adult students have achieved notable success as vocalists, both in the amateur and professional circles.  She has developed a special set of skills in her experience with working with damaged voices; as a natural listener and an extremely intuitive practitioner, Miss DalMonte has helped adult students (in combination with their doctors and voice therapists) to return to singing after recovering from extreme fatigue, nodes, polyps, and partial vocal fold paresis.  

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